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Dog Health.

Would you want to sit in an office with a broken computer and a phone without a plug-in all day every day?

Your dog's health is about much more than just the physical aspect. As with us, the physical is simply the last stage of manifestation in dis-ease.

What few of us realize is that our dogs are more than companions; they actually have their own 'reason for being'. As little as two generations ago, no one had a dog that didn't have a job – people simply didn't have the time or the money for companion animals. Yet now we act as if it's fine for our dogs to do pretty much nothing, other than go for the daily walk. That's about the equivalent of you being put in an office without a window and a broken computer and a phone without a plug-in all day every day; it wouldn't take too long for you to show signs of dis-ease … :-)

Giving your dog something to do with its brain is essential; physical exercise alone isn't enough. The one thing that gets your dog "thinking" is using it's amazing scenting ability. The tracking classes at On the Trail are prefect for that with the added (huge) benefit of having a dog that can save lives and find missing/lost cell phones and car keys (the items most often found by our dogs).

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