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Dog Tracking Classes

Tracking based on the dog's abilities and natural drive.

The style of tracking we teach at On the Trail is directly based on the dog's abilities and natural drive. That means that we don't try to control what the dogs do, but that we learn from what they show us. Their natural ability in distinguishing and following scents goes far beyond our imagination – even beyond what our best instruments can detect – and by giving up control we bring out the best in our dogs.

Added benefit is that we get to look at our own control issues (yes, we all have some of those!) and grow as individuals...just one of the countless ways in which our dogs are important in our lives.

Tracking is especially recommended for insecure dogs (and almost all "aggressive" dogs are insecure); by letting them use their natural drive and strength we give them a purpose that takes their minds off the insecurity…the results are almost immediate and far-reaching.

Tracking Group

Classes run weekly year-round; you can stream in anytime.

Private sessions for behavioural and training issues $125.00

Please Contact Frans for time and dates, or for regular updates.
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