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About On The Trail...

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On The Trail was born in 2002, when I realized that my "corporate" life wasn't satisfying me on any important levels, other than the financial one. What started as a small group of friends dabbling in search and rescue tracking soon grew into a flourishing organization, teaching and classes all over Alberta.

After a year the branch of our business took flight, resulting in a whole new paradigm in team building and leadership development work, using the dynamics that show up between animals and humans.

In all our work – including the tracking and agility - we look first at this dynamic and where the lessons for us are; then, always respecting the integrity of the dogs, we work towards insight and learning. It's the best job in the world for me and a unique opportunity for you to realize just how much we are connected to our animals.

In Support of the Bow Valley SPCA: Our mission is to provide our community with a No-Kill, No-Cage Adoption Centre to shelter and care for stray or abandoned dogs and cats in the Bow Valley, and to promote humane attitudes and responsible pet companionship through educational programs.